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Free Website Template

This website template is made for musicians, artists and other entrepreneurs. Download this template here and built your own website.

Embed any of your own videos here:


Technical Compatibility. You will be able to add any kind of technical features to your website. For example you could embed a webshop.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO). If you fill in the keywords, descriptions, headlines and content areas consistently, your page will be found by search engines such as Google's.

Browser Compatibility. This template is written in HTML. Your website will run on almost every web browser and on almost every mobile device.

More Information About This Free Template

As this template is written in HTML you will be able to add or embed any function or feature to your future website. This means you will be in full control of your website. Additionally, your website will be very fast (as long as you keep the size of your pictures etc. low). If you decide to hire a programmer, he or she will instantly know how to handle the source code of your site.

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