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One of the world's most successful music producers speaks to the next generation of music creators

You've got your chance now to learn from one of the best: Bob Ezrin produced such records as legendary Pink Floyd's "The Wall", Alice Cooper's mindblowing "School's Out", KISS' amazing "Destroyer", Peter Gabriel, Deftones, Jane's Addiction, 30 Seconds to Mars and various other great artists

Did you ever dream of getting the best suggestions about how to create your music from a legendary music producer? Well, here's the opportunity for you as a musician or upcoming producer!

In this speech, Bob talks about a plurality of things that can be important for you as a musician. I suggest you try to figure out this man's mindset to have maximum benefit from these videos! For example, just for fun, count the times he uses the word "play" or variations of that.

You may also notice the fact, even though Bob complains about certain things in the music business, he directly comes up with a flexible approach to solve his problem. Most importantly, his solution is within his sphere. He doesn't cry for a manager, lawyer, booker or anyone else. He always comes back to himself and his sphere.

In short: Many fundamental things maybe become obvious to you. And you might find some coherence between positive and reasonable mindsets like these and Bob's incredible success.

Though this speech is from 2005 and parts of it are just not up to date anymore, there's still a lot of basic wisdom in it which should be preserved in my opinion. For this reason I arranged a transcription of these (partly) legendary words. The ability to read along is especially useful for listeners whose first language isn't english, to really understand the words of Bob Ezrin in the videos.

In addition to that I did a translation of the script for my fellow countrymen here in Germany. This transcription as well as the translation where approved by Bob Ezrin himself to be released at Bandologie. Many thanks to him and to Dirk Brauner who made this contact. Of course Bob Ezrin continues to be the holder of the rights for the speech. I'm the holder of the rights for the translation. For any further release you'll still have to ask the respective holder of the rights.

May this help you as a musician to build a long lasting and amazing career. Let the legendary music producer Bob Ezrin be your inspiration today. Now let's get it started! – Enjoy the videos and if you like to, read along as well, for a better understanding.


Sign Nils
Berlin, 03 August 2009

Watch the speech in english (original)

Enjoy some funny words to read along (German translation)